Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Turning the new steering neck. It will have taper roller bearings. They are more stable than the old thrust ball bearings.

Nearly ready...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KZ 750 Twin

KZ 750 Twin.One of the most inspirating japanese made bikes.
Aircooled with classic shape. And the most important thing:it has kickstarterl!
This piece was modified in the early 90'-s in backyard style.
Classic homemade patchwork in the spirit of the period.
Some plate here, some angle iron there, keellike sized footpegs,
patched fork, raked steering head, Beetle backwheel , elongated swing arm, a horrible seat and a tea-trolley like, broadened CZ gastank,etc

 The original steerig head was cutted oblique and a new one (with to thin wall) was welded on it. 

Remains of the original.

Roughly sanded.
The  steering head was twisted from the welding and the previously mounted half bearing broke.
It was a fail.